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Data Distribution Services

We provide relevant data for your needs - no software, hardware or fetching skills need - we do the job as you request.

Data API requests

We build custom APIs for websites having a rate-limited or data-limited APIs so that you can use the data in your applications using simple REST JSON API

Data Visualization

Gain powerful insights, analyse metrics with your data and improve key performance indicators with our cloud based apps dahshboard offers or desktop vizualization tools.

Machine Learning

We build machine learning models based on the data we father for your, so you can build powerful decision-making pipelines.


Machine Learning Models

Yacodata provides end to end machine learning application development services. We deliver full stack software solutions to automate your portfolio management investing.

Yacoinvest is our core product  which is a software designed for the next era of portfolio investing.

  • Massive backtests and predictive analysis.
  • short or long-term adaptable portfolio.

  • Adaptable portfolio manager.
  • Scalable for multiple assets.


Our Services offer
OPTIMUM  Solutions

A data-drivern approach

If you are looking for financial market data feeds, our normalized real-time or delayed dataset APIs are ideal. They are built on a scalable, redundant system that aggregates, manages, and streams data from the following stocks exchanges (following exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ, CBOE, CME, ICE, EUREX, LIFFE, SHFE). We also offer a wide-range of services related to housing, sales or a specific-sector relevant data.

Our customers come from
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