Yacodata builds machine learning models within the underlying big data cloud infrastructure.

Yacoinvest is our portfolio investing tool manager. Yacoinvest uses machine learning to build a well-diversified portfolio from the current market conditions. Yacoinvest defines state of market conditions such as favorable or very unfavorable or unfavorable to the desired strategy.

It uses a random historical approach from thousandths of backtested portfolios against the benchmark.

Yacoinvest is a scalable, short-term or long-term and adaptable portfolio building and management tool. 

The model uses assets allocation in order to maximize the best return and reduce the risk. Yacoinvest then evaluates current market conditions and predicts the best assets allocation scenario which aims to give the user the best decision.

Strategic Report

Our daily, weekly or monthly strategic report delivers equities and futures trading ideas for a selection of financial instruments

Indicators for trend, volatility, and range are calculated from the yacodata equities and futures Database and are used to develop strategies that aim to take advantage of the current market conditions